Italon tile: Summary of collections

For quality finishes, you need to choose great tiles. When studying the marketplace of completing materials, you are certainly going to notice Italon products. Interesting collections of this producer ensure it is feasible to choose a fantastic option for your inside. The features and advantages of these products indicate the tiles are worthy of your attention.


The manufacturer uses the Italian know-how of Concorde group of companies. Russia got acquainted with the new manufacturer in 2006. The mill is located at Stupino, not far from Moscow.

A good deal of effort and expense was put into the structure, which yielded excellent results. Thanks to this excellent production base and the support of those members of this Concorde group, Italon pleases Russian consumers with higher quality.

The company cares about the environment: that the maker employs recycled materials. Famous artists and stylists work on the design of tiles. Today the company offers a large range of products.

Advantages of

The most important positive quality of tiles is its ability to not absorb moisture. The average absorption rate of other manufacturers is 0.5%, but Italon gives such an indicator – 0.05%. As a result of this property, the tile serves much longer, it is not deformed by moisture at low temperatures.

Italon products withstand not only moisture and critical temperatures, but also chemical compounds. This excellent quality allows for the use of tiles from this manufacturer, both indoors and outside. In most circumstances, the tile demonstrates high decorative properties and durability. During setup, adhesive doesn’t get into the pores of the tile. As a result of this, you can’t worry the surface will reveal ugly stains.

Distinctive characteristics of Italon products:

  • Resistance to critical temperatures;
  • immunity to moisture;
  • Resistance to wear and tear during use;
  • does not fear mechanical damage, even impacts;
  • doesn’t deteriorate in the effects of competitive substances;
  • quality meets international standards;
  • budget cost;
  • doesn’t call for special care. {


Italon pleases its consumers with a variety of products.

The Organization’s products are divided into 3 types:

  • Ceramic tiles;
  • wall tiles;
  • tiles for flooring. 

Porcelain tiles are used both for buildings and offices. There are 3 lines of these products on our marketplace.

Homogeneous ceramic tiles are produced using a design on both sides or in a monochrome edition. Install this type of substance on the intricate areas.

Painted ceramic tiles – a crucial tool for solving complex stylistic problems, often using it to create a gorgeous mosaic. Dyeing occurs during manufacturing, so the piment doesn’t lose its properties through usage This product is offered to the buyer, whatever the budget.