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Jessica is scarcely the only woman to make such an option

Jessica is scarcely the only woman to make such an option

Jessica Kingston didn’t desire to be a polygamist.

Maybe Not desiring to be always a plural spouse doesn’t indicate she hoped to leave the Davis County Cooperative Society, also referred to as the Kingston Group. But Jessica knew the longer she waited to wed, the much more likely she would need to turn into a polygamist therefore the much more likely her spouse could be far legit mail order bride over the age of she had been.

Therefore, at age 16, she married.

“You’re just supposed getting hitched as early as you’ll,” stated the now-26-year-old.

In a search of public information produced because the start of 1997, The Salt Lake Tribune discovered 65 marriages among users of the Kingston Group where the bride ended up being 15, 16 or 17. The 2 newest of the marriages, based on wedding certificates, took place in April.

Those two unions occurred in Colorado, where it is legal to marry your relative. The Tribune additionally discovered three marriages in Missouri, where, until a brand new legislation increasing the wedding age takes impact Aug. 28, 15-year-olds can marry with a parent’s permission. Previous people of the sect say there could be dozens as well as hundreds more wedding certificates at county clerk workplaces over the western.

While a lot of the main focus of any polygamous team is on plural marriages that happen beyond your legislation, documents and interviews with present and previous very first wives into the Kington Group provide understanding of just just how appropriate marriages are facilitated.