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Simply asking im going threw everything u dudes are five years from it.

Simply asking im going threw everything u dudes are five years from it.

And I was dropped by him cool crying why we stuffed standing over me going boo hook. It absolutely was simply last week I happened to be within my grandmother’s and I finally admitted to her how he put a blade to my neck three times also it said how he was planning to cut down my insides and so I didn’t. Like that I don’t know I’m just trying to get by there was so much into it but try to read the 5 signs grieve 4 narcissists different than the five stages of grief for just grieving so she said he sounded like a psychopath so I looked up psychopath and it came along with narcissists and I had no idea every article was me to send him to the T and it’s scary I’m so scared and you know what I can’t stop thinking about him it was about him and think about him and his house and nobody can understand why I’m doing this to myself how could you hurt me

We believe I truly recognized as he was unwell as he believed to me personally you deserve become raped because I became raped once I ended up being 11 yrs. Old by member of the family in which he stated that and I also cried and cried and cried after which he stated it three more times within the last few time we seen him he’s like why don’t you choose to go call you understand this person and I also simply viewed him and I also understand he’s ill i did son’t i did son’t also get upset i simply like oh my God he’s sick cuz nobody does that

OH Brandy! I just saw that this post ended up being from a couple of years ago.

I really hope and pray that you were able to move on that you are alright and. Recovery is an extended, long procedure. I’m sure. I’ve been here. I became married up to a narcissist for 13 years and experienced all of the punishment that comes with that. He took my identity, my self-worth, my self- confidence, and almost my sanity too. I became seriously depressed for the following 13 years plus the only thing that kept me alive ended up being my amazing, friendly and loving son.