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Women’s Queer Sex in University

Women’s Queer Sex in University

Exactly exactly What sexuality that is queer university ladies involved with on today’s campuses? Utilizing information through the on the web College Survey of Social Life (OCSLS) led by certainly one of us (Paula England), we offer information about what ladies have done intimately along with other ladies, along with whatever they have inked with males, and just how this differs by women’s reported orientation that is sexual. The OCSLS study had been taken online between 2005 and 2011 by significantly more than 20,000 pupils from 21 four-year colleges and universities. Men and women took the study, but here we concentrate just on ladies.

Dining dining Table 1 during the final end of the post details exactly what we discovered. We reveal the portion of all of the university women that have actually took part in different intimate tasks with gents and ladies. We then reveal just exactly just what portion of females whom defined as heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, and uncertain have actually took part in these tasks.

Listed here are shows from our findings, and our interpretations.

Ladies Kissing Women—Just What Does it Mean?

It is now commonplace to see ladies kissing other ladies in the party flooring or in general general public at events. Frequently they are ladies who identify as straight, which is difficult to determine if their inspiration is merely to attract men’s attention (where in actuality the behavior may arouse men’s dreams about threesomes) or even to truly explore attraction that is same-sex. Our data here don’t reveal what women directly are usually planning if they kiss other ladies (but see Hamilton 2007 and Rupp et al. 2013).