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enlightenone @Queer4Life: “Sex is a means of expressing actually psychological closeness. ”

enlightenone @Queer4Life: “Sex is a means of expressing actually psychological closeness. ”

For the majority of, “emotional closeness” is expressed by way of a hug, a kiss regarding the cheek, an arm draped more than a male friend’s shoulder, etc. Intercourse is usually reserved for the partner, boyfriend, somebody you will be dating to state psychological closeness!

With all the current 3’s, 5’s, 4’s, etc., which will be it have you been Gay or “Queer? ” Did you know?

The Kinsey scale has been doing nothing, but gave him a rationalization to cheat on their spouse with men and keep his “hetero” privileges.


@MMDD: “I additionally knew after intercourse, I became done, which complicated things. Yes, we had sexual intercourse using them. ”

I did son’t say this.

Who’re you quoting.

@enlightenone: Sorry, that has been intended for Bauhaus.


Once I state I became passive, after all that I happened to be maybe not the celebration SEARCHING FOR an encounter. As soon as things got rolling…

Plenty of Kinsey’s some ideas were simplified hypotheses based on anecdotal information. They have been when it comes to most part easy science and in some cases have actually little empirical correspondence to truth.

So let’s stop mentioning the “Kinsey Scale” just as if it were something real.


@MMDD: “Sorry, which was designed for Bauhaus. ” Many Thanks for clearing that up!