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​Not simply funny: Satirical news has severe governmental impacts

​Not simply funny: Satirical news has severe governmental impacts

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Satirical news programs, usually dismissed as simple activity, have actually genuine governmental impacts regarding the individuals who view them, brand new research shows.

A report discovered that individuals decided on satirical news that matched their pre-existing attitudes – liberal or conservative – and therefore watching satirical news reinforced those attitudes just as much as viewing news that is serious.

The analysis discovered that people who have small curiosity about politics had been prone to pick satirical over severe news. In addition, viewing news that is satirical feelings of governmental efficacy – people’s belief that they’ll influence governmental procedures.

“Satirical news issues,” said Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick, composer of the analysis and teacher of interaction in the Ohio State University.

“It isn’t only entertaining – it offers a real-life effect on audiences.”