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Can there be a link Between Manic Depression and Lying?

Can there be a link Between Manic Depression and Lying?

You might understand the outward indications of manic depression: the extreme highs and lows, the behavior that is risky the inability to concentrate. Now you’re observing that the family member is beginning to lie. They’re little lies that are white very very very first, but quickly they’re growing in extravagance and regularity.

Is their lying due to bipolar disorder, you wonder — or will it be something different totally?

Bipolar disorder is really a mood condition that impacts 5.7 million adults that are american. People who have manic depression experience changes that are extreme mood. With regards to the forms of manic depression they usually have, they could experience emotions of extreme joy or high power (referred to as a manic episode) to feelings of intense sadness (referred to as a depressive episode).

Bipolar 1

Marked by manic episodes, that might or may not precede or follow major episodes that are depressive.

Bipolar 2

Marked by a significant depressive episode, which precedes or follows an episode that is hypomanic.

Cyclothymic condition

Cyclothymia, or cyclothymic condition, is described as depressive signs which don’t reach the seriousness of an important depressive episode and symptoms that don’t achieve the seriousness of an episode that is hypomanic. To be clinically determined to have cyclothymia, signs must continue for at the least couple of years.

Although indications of this disorder differ, lying isn’t from the formal set of signs.

There wasn’t any clinical proof that links manic depression with lying, while some anecdotal records recommend there might be a link. It’s thought that some people who have manic depression may lie due to: