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Zoom Assist Center. Live stream a conference or webinar on Facebook Reside

Zoom Assist Center. Live stream a conference or webinar on Facebook Reside

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You are able to stream a Zoom webinar or meeting go on Facebook to your Facebook timeline or even a combined team or web page that you will be an admin for. This enables your individuals to participate via Zoom or watchers to view and discuss Twitter Live.


  • Zoom will not offer the brand new Twitter Live Producer. If you notice a notification to attempt to the latest producer that is live click Dismiss.
  • Facebook changed their API as of April 2018 and today stops some users from real time streaming to teams. If you’re not able to live stream your webinar to Twitter, you can easily configure the Facebook real time stream being a customized solution.

This short article covers:


Streaming for conferences

  • Pro, Company, Education, or Enterprise account
  • The Host is Certified
  • Zoom Customer variation 4.4.53582 or more on Computer or even a Mac
  • Live flow is enabled on Facebook

Streaming for webinars

  • Professional, Company, Education, or Enterprise account
  • Host has Webinar add-on
  • Zoom customer version 4.0 or maybe more on PC or perhaps a Mac
  • Real time Stream is enabled on Facebook

Enabling Facebook Live streaming for meetings


Make it possible for all known people in your company to reside flow meetings on Facebook:

  1. Register into the Zoom web portal as an administrator using the privilege to modify account settings.
  2. Click Account Management Account Settings.
  3. Toggle the enable live streaming the conferences under In fulfilling (Advanced), and enable Facebook.
  4. (Optional) if you wish to get this environment mandatory for several users in your account, click on the lock symbol, then click Lock to verify the environment.
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