Can be either scratchy or soft, depending on the conditioning process.

You need to dry it under tension, or it will shrink and thicken unevenly. It’s not as fast as some synthetic ropes; because of the higher tooth, it will travel more slowly over skin and clothing. Small knots; sits flat over skin. It comes in a range of different colours (I like black). It wouldn’t ordinarily have gotten my attention, because it looks fairly obviously too stiff for use as bondage rope. However, as I examined it, I realized that I could probably remove the core. I’m going to go over the kinds of rope pictured above, from left to right. Helpfully, I’ve arranged them from cheapest to most expensive. That’s right, it doesn’t degrade. It IMPROVES.

I generally get rope of 5 or 6 millimeters in diameter. Bondage Rope: Types of Rope Used In Bondage. It really depends on you and who you’re tying. Different ropes have different advantages, different pros and cons. I had my Zen rope for quick synthetic ties, and I later moved on to focus on natural fibres. However, I snapped a couple of pictures of it while I was at Bunnings.

Also, one last note – in addition to your rope kit, I highly recommend a fun new toy I got in 2019, which combines very well with bondage. It’s amazing, and you and your partners will thank me. Nothing I’ve done to it has fixed this. It may be because it’s sort of a short fibred rope, or it might just be the stuff I got hold of. Again, this is related to the lack of friction. This is pretty cool because you don’t get bulky, unsightly looking knots. It really depends on you and who you’re tying. Different ropes have different advantages, different pros and cons.

This is another synthetic bondage rope, and has many of the same properties of that rope mentioned immediately above, particularly in regards to friction. However, there are some advantages and improvements with this one which I will go over. Weighs more than the one above, but that’s not a massive issue. Summary:. Which is fantastic! It’s always great to have some idea of exactly how much your rope can take. For our purposes though, what’s great about this bondage rope is the way it feels.

If you’ve benefited from or enjoyed what you’ve read, then please check out Rope Bondage The Smart Way, which answers every conceivable question for the beginner, shares my favorite ties and how to use them to best advantage. There are also tips on making uber sexy fun times happen, and real life examples and case studies of rope bondage fuelled awesomeness. The knots made by this rope compact down quite small; however, it tends to remain relatively easy to unpick. Again, this is related to the lack of friction. It also makes things more likely to be itchy, sneezy, etc. Update (2018). Nylon, MFP (multi-fiber propylene), “Mixed Fiber” Rope, Poly-pro, Parachute cord. Pro: Better “tooth”, so it grabs better and takes fewer knots to hold securely. Has a really, really nice smell – sort of earthy and warm. Knots are not at all difficult to unpick; because of the compactness of that tight lay, it doesn’t tend to squish and become difficult.